Bring Relaxation & mindfulness into your company

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You want to increase your employees creativity?

We live in a very fast time. Everybody has already noticed this. But at the same time there is a huge shift occurring and it is also taking over to the corporate world: To slow down, take time to recharge and reconnect.

SOUND is an outrageous tool to help reconnect and find relaxation and peace in the middle of a stressful workday.

Some more benefits are:

  • Build awareness of self and environment

  • Develop stronger working relationships

  • Facilitate compassionate communication

  • The ability to quiet the mind

  • Release of undesirable thought structures and habits

  • Considerable diminishment of anxiety and depression

  • Access to inner peace and calm

  • Increased self-confidence and ability to connect to others

  • Enhanced ability to listen and pay greater attention to details

If you want to learn more about the programm options Alizz offers in companies, feel free to E-Mail her. If it is a one day workshop, a weekly lunch break sound meditation or a once in a while soundbath, she will create the perfect mixture for your company.