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When I met Alizz at the Bar I was having a Gig, she told me about SOUNDTHERAPY. I’ve never heard about such thing before. But I was curious and open to try out new things, so I booked her class and went to my first soundtherapy. After that class I knew why it’s called SoundHEALING.. It was amazing how sound waves could get into our body and minds and affect them. Through the sounds that were played with the crystal bowls, I experienced my first meditative state. I’ve never really believed in such things as meditation. But having this experience unintentionally, my opinion about it changed completely. To that day I haven’t felt relaxed in a long time. I felt so much lighter going out of this class and I slept like a baby that night.

Since that day I am focusing and working on my inner self every day. I’m learning how important it is to find the balance of my body and soul to keep myself happy and healthy.

Thank you so much for introducing me to something so beautiful and important! Keep up the good work and i hope you’ll change much more lives with the things you do Alizz!

Dr. Linda Lappy (Munich)

My daily life as a dentist for children can be very hectic and in my free time most of my attention belongs to my little daughter and husband. Sometimes I really felt like struggling taking time for myself or yoga.

Alizz’s YOGA THERAPY classes made me realize so much about the connection to my body and myself. I felt the relaxation and peace directly after each class and felt so much more connected instantly. She really made me help to integrate yoga and meditation on a daily basis. Ever since I feel like I can handle stressful days and situations with so much more ease and grace. I would have never expected such results after only a few hours of her teaching and presence.

Dr. (MD anonym, munich)

As a doctor and father of super energetic awesome kids I have been struggling a lot while opening up my own clinic. I was constantly stressed and realized my breathing was really shallow and inconstant for a longer time.

All of a sudden I met Alizz at a rooftop where she played a party and my friend who knew her told me she is also a Yoga & Meditation teacher. After her set I spoke to her and arranged my first class outside in a big public garden.

The first hour she talked a lot with me about my current situation, why I am struggling and what I think meditation and yoga was about.

Soon I realized that I knew only very little about these topics. She really took a lot of time to know about my struggles and created a first class for me which really left me amazed.

We had a couple of more yoga and meditation classes outside in Nature and it helped me so much to focus again in these intense times during opening my clinic. Ever since I integrated meditation and yoga in my daily living to recenter again and stay in connection with my intuition.

Thank you again Alizz for these magical classes!